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Your machinery’s moving parts, such as bearing bores, are prone to wear, even with the best care. Equipment used in mining particularly wears out faster at hinge points where the pressure is significantly high. At Central Interior Rebuilders (1998) Ltd, we can help you conveniently and economically repair such damage and bring your machinery back to function. Our portable align boring services involve a welding/machining process focused on making the centerlines of two or several bores collinear. This service can be performed both at your location and in our shop. We do boom line boring, bucket line boring, and portable line boring. Our welders and technicians are highly experienced and utilize precision techniques so that the job is done right, without any imperfections that may impact your machinery’s performance.


Over the past 30 years, Central Interior Rebuilders (1998) Ltd has completed a diverse line of boring projects. We can undertake your most simple requirements such as machining a single damaged bore in alignment with another well-functioning bore. You can also count on us for your most complex projects, which require extensive layouts, accurate designs, and precision manufacturing of custom boring bar systems. Once your components are ready, we also install them, accurately line bore them, and then further hone them to ensure proper size and alignment that facilitate the efficient performance of your systems.

Our team is well-equipped to service and repair your damaged or deformed bore bushings, bore bosses, and machinery pins. These items are most commonly used on all types of excavation machinery and mining equipment.


In most cases, portable line boring proves to be the only permanent solution for restoring your worn-out bores to their original stock specifications. We utilize specialized portable units powered with modern technology so that you get align boring services right at your project location. The technology helps make on-site operations simpler and easier across repairing components of all sizes and applications. Central Interior Rebuilders (1998) Ltd also carries a portable line of boring/welding trucks so that your urgent field repairs are performed without delay. Our portable service capabilities not only save you the hassle and cost of transporting your machinery but also drastically reduce downtime.

Worn Out Bores

Trust us to help you refurbish your undersized bores to function again!

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